The most important strategic policies of Iran Dairy Industries Trading Company are:
1- Concentration of purchasing and aggregation of purchases of Iran Dairy Industries subsidiaries:
One of the goals of Iran Dairy Industries Company in establishing a trading company is to create specialized foreign procurement activities to supply machinery, supplies, raw materials and packaging needed by subsidiaries of Iran Dairy Industries.
2-Get better commercial prices based on focus and purchase volume:
Concentration and high volume of purchases are the most important factors in obtaining the minimum price in global markets. Therefore, this company has taken action to receive appropriate discounts centrally for the subsidiaries of Iran's dairy industry..
3- Preparation of livestock inputs for farmers supplying raw milk required by subsidiaries:
In the current situation, milk supply is one of the main needs of Pegah pasteurized milk companies. Due to the active presence of competing dairy production factories in the country and high demand in the market, this is facing serious threats. It is appropriate that most of the energy and capital of each farmer, which should be spent on managing the production and improving the quality of milk, is spent on providing the required livestock fodder inputs. If the required items and inputs are provided with suitable quality and price for the farmer, we will see an increase in raw milk production and improvement in the quality of livestock milk without additional costs.
4-Obtaining better facilities from banks according to the focus of purchasing:
Due to centralized purchases, the company negotiates with various banks to provide liquidity, and in addition to the cheap foreign currency and rial facilities received, it also obtains a credit limit every year to open documentary credits.
5- Creating maneuverability to meet the needs of units and increase customer satisfaction:
According to the plans made regarding the settlement of the balances of the accounts of the subsidiaries of the dairy industry and the receipt of cash or checks or the clearing of debt amounts in exchange for sending export items, the needs of the units have been met
6- Attracting customers outside the Iranian dairy subsidiaries:
In order to expand the scope of its activities, in addition to providing services and services to companies and production units affiliated to Iran Dairy Industries, Iran Dairy Industries Trading Company intends to plan and pay attention to the reform of organizational structure and fundamental changes in methods and systems. And the company's sales mechanisms to introduce themselves to meet the needs of all companies and dairy units.
7-Attention to export and its expansion:
With regard to the general policies of the country for the fourth and fifth economic, social and cultural development programs, non-oil exports are given special attention and Iran Dairy Industries Trading Company with direct and positive interaction with Pegah production companies and organizing sales agencies from Through the establishment of representative offices and the establishment of the joint company of Pegah in Iraqi Kurdistan and the implementation of supportive policies of the Iranian Dairy Company, the policy of export expansion has been adopted.
8- Selling new products based on raw milk with special nutrients and providing and improving the quality and health of the products of dairy companies to maintain and expand domestic and foreign consumer markets:
The need to produce special milks with special nutrients to maintain and expand markets, especially export markets, and the supply and health promotion of products of Iranian dairy subsidiaries and continuous improvement of productivity and customer satisfaction, given the existence of this potential in subsistence farms.
The strategy of Iran Dairy Industries Trading Company is to taste the natural and quality taste of Iranian dairy products to customers and to be more active in regional and global markets by establishing company branches in export markets and establishing a Pegah dairy processing plant in these target markets. Great successes have been achieved.