Iran Dairy Industries commercial Company as the main arm of supplying items and machinery to support the production of Pegah factories and one of the subsidiaries of Iran Dairy Industries Company (Pegah) and the National Pension Fund, which is in line with the new goals and policies of economic development and synergy.  Production capacity and potential capacity of 20 companies of the group and was established to provide livestock inputs, acceleration of raw materials, packaging and machinery. Supplying Iran Dairy Industries Trading Company by attracting successful and experienced personnel in the fields of supplying raw materials for the production and processing of dairy products, supplying various types of industrial detergents, supplying consumables and packaging, supplying livestock inputs and producing various concentrates and exports.

All the products of the main brands of Pegah, Ivy and Bandar Abbas tuna take big steps successfully. Pegah Iran Dairy Industries Trading Company is proud to take care of God and rely on divine grace and modern knowledge and perseverance of its experienced manpower and servants to achieve a superior position in domestic markets and its presence in international markets also bolder. Pegah Group with 50 years of brilliant experience and extensive activity in the field of dairy products to meet the requirements and demands of customers with a special "customer orientation" and success in maintaining a strong position in international markets promises that "Pegah" will continue to the height of the dairy industry shines in this direction.


  • Maintaining and improving the capacity and expanding the export market of all Pegah products
  • Providing customer satisfaction (CRM)
  • Completing the appropriate portfolio of export products
  • Continuing the timely export of products to target countries
  • Achieving the appropriate share and above all with competitors in the export market
  • Improving and upgrading the methods of supplying and sending export products
  •   Improving marketing, sales and export knowledge


  • Becoming the largest specialized company for exporting dairy products and food in the country
  • Becoming a competitive advantage and efficient arm for Iran Dairy Company and the National Pension Fund

Company activity

A- Supply, purchase, distribution and sale of all machinery of production lines and equipment and spare parts required and required, packaging items and raw materials required for production lines of milk products and its by-products from domestic sources and import from foreign countries for support for Pegah factories and subsidiaries.
B- Export of various dairy and canned products of Pegah Holding and other healthy food and feed to target countries.
C- Supply, purchase, distribution and sale of various livestock and human inputs and other similar items from domestic sources and abroad.
D- Granting and receiving any representation and investment in domestic and foreign companies and providing and performing any ancillary services related to the mentioned issues.