Foreign Purchasing - Goals and Activities

According to the approved articles of association of the trading company, the most significant goal of the Deputy of Supply and Distribution is to purchase raw materials and packaging supplies and parts required for dairy lines for dairy subsidiaries. Customers' interest is appropriate with the price and delivery time. Therefore, in order to achieve this important, the solutions of this deputy in foreign purchasing are summarized as follows.
1- Recognition of reliable foreign sources of supply according to the desired quality of subsidiaries
2- Summary; Reviewing and evaluating the annual planning for purchasing foreign consumer items according to the goals and annual mission of the company
3- Meeting and concluding foreign purchasing contracts to timely supply the requested items of subsidiaries at reasonable prices
4- Coordinating with sellers for timely production and transportation sale of purchased goods
5- Using the sources of supply and facilities granted by banks to purchase long-term cash refinancing and other legal methods of purchase
6- Clearance and timely delivery of goods required by subsidiaries.