About exports

Export Vice President of Iran Dairy Industries Trading Company by using experienced and specialized forces and supporting the unique quality diversity of products of 16 Pegah manufacturing companies (all of which have various national and international standards) as well as by applying targeted policies and strategies. , Has succeeded in expanding its presence in global markets. Confirmation of this claim is the acquisition of the country's top exporter in 1396 and the honorable acquisition of 4 titles of the country's sample exporter in 1381 - 1386-1387 and 1389 and three times the title of top exporter in the country in 1388, 1390, 1391.
Respect for the customer and customer orientation, speed in sending shipments, adherence to commitments, continuous presence in target markets, wide variety of export products and maintaining the quality of export products as strategic pillars of sales thinking, are the most important factors for the success of the export deputy. These strategic pillars have helped the company's export sales engineering to expand the presence of Pegah products in global markets.
The strategic vision of the Export Vice President of Iran Dairy Industries Trading Company is the permanent, authoritative, coherent and quality presence of Pegah and Holding products in the world markets, which is being implemented and pursued according to the actual and potential potentials of Pegah Group companies.