Goals and activities

Supply and production of livestock inputs and concentrates - goals and activities

The supply and production unit of livestock inputs operates in line with its duty to provide livestock inputs required by farmers to the contract of Pegah Group companies in the provinces, and by performing these services, it pursues the following goals:
Establishing a coherent relationship with farmers to receive and absorb milk
Proper use of genetic potential of milk-producing livestock
Improving milk production, improving the quality of animal feed and increasing production and milk absorption share of group companies in the provinces
The management of supply and production of livestock inputs operates annually in the following sections:
Distribution of direct input among the contracted farmers of Pegah Group companies in the provinces (such as barley, corn, cotton seed meal, rapeseed meal)
Production and distribution of concentrates, which annually produce and distribute up to 50 thousand tons of concentrates (high production, average production, low production, and special formula of each factory) with appropriate formulas and with the supply of all raw materials.